Kristabelle by Elly Knight

My guest today is Elly Knight who is sharing her new release, Kristabelle.

When Kristabelle’s father handed her over to a pimp at a young age, she thought she was destined to be a saloon girl forever.

Annabelle’s offer of freedom and the opportunity to live on a real life ranch feel like a dream come true, an opportunity she grabbed with both hands. Now that she’s here, the burden of her past is so heavy she’s not sure she can ever be free. Falling in love with one of the Ranch hands was her first mistake. Could Matt see beyond her past to the beauty within or is she destined for a broken heart?

Kristabelle is the story of Sky, who was one of the girls rescued in Annabelle’s Mission. It is clean romantic fiction which contains spanking for discipline.

About Elly Knight

Kristabelle is book 7 in Elly Knight’s “Girls of the Twin Reach Saloon” series following the lives of different saloon girls as they escape the clutches of Saloon Owner Joe Malone and his partner in crime Martha.

Elly Knight started writing when she couldn’t find enough books in her favourite genre, loving domestic discpline, without explicit sex scenes.

She is currently working on a number of series:

1. Girls of Twin Reach Saloon.
A series of stories set in historical western times following the lives of several girls who manage to escape from the tyranny of forced prostitution and find love with cowboys and other dominant men, who spank their women when they get out of line.

2. Metamorphis Island
Metamorphis Island is an alternative to regular prison. Here, girls between 18 and 25 have the option to serve out sentences between 1 and 3 years, living in regular families as “teenagers” who are subject to regular corporal punishment to help them turn from a life of petty crime. Many of the girls have missed growing up with loving parents and respond well to the loving discipline offered.

3. Australian Outback Discipline
Set on a remote station in Central Australia, the Morgan brothers have used their domestic discipline methods to turn around the lives of many young ladies when they’ve gone off track or needed a little help.

If you enjoy her books, please take the time to write a review. Elly welcomes all feedback.

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Excerpt taken from Kristabelle

Friday morning, Kristabelle was surprised to find Charlie in his stall when she entered the barn.  Matt didn’t go anywhere without his horse, which made Kristabelle wonder if perhaps he wasn’t well.  She contemplated her next move as she began to muck out the stalls.  Should she go to the bunkhouse and check on him?  Would he be angry with her if she did?   The last thing she wanted to do was overstep her bounds.  After all, they had nothing beyond him helping out the boss.  He’d made it pretty clear he wasn’t interested in her in any way.

 By the time Kristabelle was done, Charlie had his head over the stall watching her.  She made her way across the barn to him and reached out a tentative hand to touch his nose.  “What’s happened to Matt today?” she asked him, her voice soft as she caressed his soft nose.  Charlie whinnied and danced on the spot.  Kristabelle frowned when she noticed he appeared to be favoring one foot.  “What’s wrong with your foot?” she said to Charlie as she stepped into the stall to investigate.

 She kept her movements slow and steady, putting a gentling hand on Charlie’s side as she moved alongside him, bending down to examine the foot without touching it.  She squealed when a strong arm snaked it’s way around her middle and quickly pulled her back from the horse just as Charlie kicked out with his sore foot.

 The hoof missed her face by the tiniest of margins.

 “What on earth do you think you’re doing?” an angry voice said from somewhere above her.  Kristabelle looked up into Matt’s dark blue eyes which were flashing with anger.  Her own widened at the angry look on his face.

 “There’s something wrong with Charlie’s foot,” she told him, feeling mighty uncomfortable hanging over his arm like she was with her face close to the ground.  It was hurting her neck to twist around to look up at him.

 Matt shook his head as he carried her out of the stall, still dangling awkwardly over his arm.  “I’m well aware of that which is even more reason for you to keep right away from him.  You nearly got your head kicked in,” he pointed out, his ire rising as he recalled how close she’d come to being injured, possibly even killed.

 An injured horse was even more dangerous than normal.  He’d have stayed around to warn Kristabelle but she wasn’t allowed in Charlie’s stall so he hadn’t foreseen there being a problem.  When he’d walked into the barn to see her talking to Charlie, his heart had leapt into his throat.  He couldn’t risk startling Charlie by calling out to her so Matt had done his best to make his way quickly along the barn, as silently as possible.

 Matt carried Kristabelle on his hip, his arm still slung around her waist and her head hanging low.  When they got to the other end of the barn, he sat down on an old stump and deposited her face down over his lap.

 “Matt?  What are you doing?” Kristabelle cried out in alarm as she found herself lying over his strong thighs.

 “Teaching you a lesson in obedience,” Matt told her sternly as he smoothed his hand over her bottom to ensure her dress wasn’t gathered in a way that would interfere with his palm.  He then drew his arm back and swatted her hard.

 “Ow!  I was only trying to help!” Kristabelle protested.

 Matt’s palm landed a second time and she squirmed in an attempt to get free from the grip he had around her waist.  Her attempts were unsuccessful.  “You were told to stay out of Charlie’s stall for a reason!” Matt scolded her as his palm landed half a dozen times in succession.

 “STOP IT!  You’re hurting me!” she cried out as she kicked her legs in protest.

 “I’ve barely begun,” Matt informed her as he spanked her another half a dozen times, each one harder than the last.  “You could have been killed!” he told her.  “An injured animal is even more unpredictable than usual,” he scolded her as he spanked, his hand quickly building a warmth in her bottom that was becoming unbearable.  “You were given some specific instructions for your own safety.  If you want to be trusted in here, you have to follow them,” he scolded.

 He brought his hand back higher and began to spank her harder, determined that she learn a lesson and learn it well.  With the protection of her clothing, he knew he had to spank hard to get through to her.

 Kristabelle couldn’t help it.  Tears formed in her eyes and began to run down her face.  Each swat seemed to sear her bottom until she was sure she’d never sit comfortably again.

 Hearing her tears, Matt knew she was beyond the point of taking in any more of his words so he simply focused on doing a good job of burning up her behind.  Kristabelle would attest to the fact that he was more than thorough and by the time he finally stopped striking her, they were both exhausted.

 Matt shook out his hot hand and took some deep breaths as he listened to her weeping over his knee.  He didn’t like to hear her cry, but the thought of what Charlie could have done to her made him shudder.  After a few minutes, he picked her up and cradled her on his lap, unsure whether she’d tell him to go to hell and run off.  Instead, she cuddled into him and sobbed.

 Kristabelle wanted to stay wrapped safely in Matt’s arms forever.  The burning in her backside was more than worth it to feel the strength and warmth of his body as it wrapped around her.  It felt so natural and so safe she never wanted him to let go.  “I was worried about Charlie,” she said to him when her tears finally subsided.

 “I appreciate that sweetheart, but you should have come and found someone to help rather than entering the stall on your own,” he told her.  “Horses are very unpredictable when they’re injured.  You very nearly got kicked in the head.”

 “I’m sorry,” Kristabelle mumbled as shock set in and she began to tremble.

 “Shhhh…,” Matt soothed her, concerned with the way she was shaking.  “I’m not angry anymore, you’re forgiven,” he told her.  When he realized she was going into shock, he picked her up and quickly headed in the direction of the house.  He needed to get her wrapped in a blanket and didn’t think a horse blanket would be appreciated.

 Annabelle looked up in concern when Matt came through the back door with a very pale looking Kristabelle in his arms.  “I need a blanket and some hot tea with lots of sugar,” he said to Annabelle.  “She almost got kicked in the head by a horse and the shock is setting in.”  He followed Annabelle through to the living room where she grabbed a blanket from the back of the settee and handed it to him before returning to the kitchen to make the tea.

 Matt sat down with Kristabelle on his lap and wrapped her securely in the blanket.  She was still shaking violently and he pulled her tight against his body in the hopes his body warmth would seep into hers.  “Shhhh….it’s all right, you’re perfectly safe now,” he soothed her.


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