Chameleon Series

Cursed centuries ago by a powerful Inca priestess, the Chameleon people can change at will to blend in with their surroundings. So closely that they become invisible.

Wyatt has been waiting for his own little girl. The same as his mother. He thinks he has found her in Lilly. He has seen the
signs for many years that she is a submissive. He has to wait for her to grow up, and he had to fullfil his obligations to his country before he claims her.

Lilly has loved Wyatt since she was a young girl. She is a half breed. Half Chameleon and half human. She is young and
unsure of his love for her.

This is a romance about a feisty independent woman and the warrior who loves her.

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Cursed centuries ago by a powerful Inca Priestess. The Chameleon people can change at will to blend in with their surrounding so closely that they become Invisible to all but other Chameleons.

Wayne is two minutes older than his twin Wyatt. As the oldest he becomes the emperor of his people after the death of his father. He has the power of life and death. His word is law. This is his legacy passed down from his father and his father before him. Descendant of the great Inca emperor Hyuayna. Wayne has been watching Janey for years. He knows in his heart she is his mate. She is strong and beautiful, brave and compassionate. He knows she will make a great empress for their people.

Janey’s ancestors belong to the Priestess that has cursed her people. She has powers of her own. Powers she has kept secret. She loves Wayne but he has hurt her many times over the years. She wonders if he loves her at all. Her insecurities come crashing back whenever she sees Wayne on the cover of a fashionable magazine with beautiful, sophisticated women. She is an innocent and will never fit into his world.

Wayne’s work with trafficking puts Janey in danger. Can he protect her? She is his life. He will not hesitate to join her in the afterlife if anything happens to her. Enemies are very near. Treachery is a foot. Wayne has to be on his game to save the woman that means more to him than his own life.

This is a romance about a feisty independent woman and the warrior who loves her.

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Healer Series
Books 1 to 4

This is the love story of Wolf, a powerful laird, and Amanda, the king’s goddaughter. They are to marry, as ordered by the king, to ensure peace between the Crown and some of the strongest clans in Ireland.

Amanda is a gifted healer. Wolf has his hands full with his little determined wife. She constantly disobeys his order not to go out without her guards. She constantly puts herself in danger to save others, and that he will not tolerate. He has fallen deeply in love with his wife and knows others would use her to hurt the king or himself.
Someone is also ambushing and killing his men. Who will be next?

This is a romance about a feisty independent woman and the warrior who loves her.

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When Colleen, one of the healers in Wolf’s keep, is threatened, she tries to convey her fears to the lairds. Assuming that the threat is coming from someone in his clan, Rolland sends his trusted elite guard, Michael, to protect her.

No one will believe that Michael doesn’t have Colleen’s best interests at heart until he savagely beats her in public and attempts to have her burned at the stake, labeling her a witch.

Rolland, luckily, arrives in time to save her. Returning with her to his own keep to heal, the two finally admit their long-time love for each other and make plans to begin a life together, even though there are times when Rolland must take her in hand for her own safety.

However, they soon realize that neither Colleen or her elderly mother are safe. Someone still wants her dead. But who is it? Surely it cannot be another of Rolland’s trusted men, can it?

Publisher’s Note: A follow up to Amanda’s Wolf, Colleen’s Laird is a love story full of explicit scenes and stern punishments. Please do not purchase if this type of romance offends you.

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In 1700s Ireland, the clans are fighting for peace. Healers are being trained, and the doctor who hurt Hope one year earlier has returned to fight for her hand. First, he must prove himself worthy to her uncle and guardian, as well to the little healer herself.

Hope is a special young woman with a gift. In her family, when one receives the gift, they lose one of their other senses. For her, it was her hearing. But Hope is special in another way, as well…

Having grown up with a mother who was a ‘little’, Acelin is well-versed in the needs of such a woman. Having recognized that Hope, at times, needs to be little and cared for, he jumps at the chance to let her know he is the man who can provide her with what she needs the most.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains power exchange and sensual scenes. If either of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Seitka is a young shapeshifter who has a hard time following orders. When she disobeys her brother by going into the forest to search for herbs, she discovers that she should have listened to him when he told her it wasn’t safe. Now, she must pay the consequences for her actions, and she may lose her fiancé in the process.

The evil leader of a rival wildcat shifter clan has left her with child and she flees to the protection of the abbey, thinking this is best for her clan and her child. But Daniel, her fiancé, follows her, and a new alliance is formed between the lairds, their healer wives and the shifter couple.

Seitka has been told that her child is destined to do great things. Will the babe survive long enough to grow, train with the lairds and fulfil that destiny? Or will his evil biological father destroy him before he even has a chance?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy action adventure romance includes elements of power exchange and is intended for mature readers.

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Daughters of Samuel Fox
Books 1 to 5

Samuel Fox is shocked to find two small girls alone on the trail. After discovering that the wagon train abandoned them and their parents had died in their wagon, he takes them home to his childless wife.

Together, they decide to adopt and raise the two girls, Spring and Autumn, along with Brenden, the boy they took in several years previously.

Brenden knew on the day he saved Spring’s life when she was seven years old that she would someday be his. He proved his love for her by waiting until she was old enough to become his bride.

Spring, however, has grown up to be a handful. Is Brenden up to the task of keeping her in line?

Publisher’s Note: This historical Western romance contains graphic scenes as well as stern discipline. If such material is offensive to you, please refrain from reading it.

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Summer, adopted by Samuel and his wife as a child, grew up with Hawk and Little Bird for a part of each year. She had the best of both worlds, Indian and white, and learned about the different customs and cultures.

She grew up and fell in love, as most little girls do. Her love was the town sheriff, Mark, who his hands full with the headstrong Miss Fox, a.k.a. Summer. He is older than she is, and both sets of parents have their worries about that, but more concerning is the fact that there are people from her past who wish to do her harm. Can Mark protect his love and prove to her family that he is worthy of their cherished daughter, all while keeping the headstrong girl in line?

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Autumn has a mischievous way about her which often lands her in hot water with her husband, the doctor.

They long for a child, but when all seems perfect in their world, tragedy strikes, leaving her loved ones to wonder if she or her unborn child will survive.

Will their love overcome a smallpox epidemic, the illness of her beloved mother-in-law, and Autumn’s own tragic, freak accident?

Publisher’s Note: This addition to the Daughters of Samuel Fox series contains mild love scenes and power exchange between a husband and a wife.

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Children grow up. Feelings change. Or do they?

Samuel Fox’s granddaughter, Wynter, has loved Storm ever since she was a little girl. Their mothers are adopted sisters, and they have always been close. He has always protected her.

Will Storm be able to protect her now that they are older and life has become more complicated? Will he finally let Wynter know he loves her before it is too late?

Danger is all around them, and Wynter’s Storm is in the middle of it all, along with his pals, Lou and Gabe. Will the women in their lives trust them enough to listen when they warn them of the trouble lurking?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.

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“Let her go and we’ll give you a head start. If you hurt her you are a dead man,” Gabe growled. The man continued dragging Willow out the back door and towards a horse.

Willow was seeing stars, gasping for breath and dragging her feet trying to slow the man down. Finally, outside the man stopped, pulling his gun up and next to Willow’s head.

He smiled an evil smile as he looked at Lou, “well, well the big and bad Lou. I want to see you beg for your wife’s life. Get on your knees and beg.”

Lou threw down his gun, opening his arms wide, exposing his chest. His arms straight out to his sides. He knew if the man shot at him Gabe would get him and Willow would be safe. He would sacrifice his life for Willows. In a heartbeat and without a seconds hesitation.

“Why would I care about her? You have me mistaken for someone else.” He kept walking towards the man and Willow. One slow step at a time. “Go ahead and shoot me if you think you can but she means nothing to me.”

He took another step.

The man pointed his gun to Lou as Willow screamed, “No Lou, no!” with what was left of her breath. She struggled mightily but the man had her tight. She heard the hammer cock, felt the darkness creeping up to claim her and the intense sadness. If Lou died she did not want to live either. Tears fell onto the mans hands as darkness began to take her. Just then she heard the sweetest words in her entire life.

“Sic em!”

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David is a wanted man. After surviving years in a POW camp, his life is still not his own. He grew up with the mob, and after giving valuable information to the FBI, there is now a price on his head. The Witness Protection program has placed David and a friend on Thatcher Island and his stepfather, the head of the Michilini crime family, has struck a deal to protect him, but even that is not enough.

Ivy is a young woman who has visions in her dreams, and they always come true unless someone intervenes. So when she dreams about a man named David being murdered by two men, she decides it’s up to her to warn him, to intervene and save his life.

But when she meets David for the first time, she knows immediately that he is the man for her, and nothing will stop her from making that dream come true. The hit men are getting closer, though, and Ivy continually makes bad decisions in her efforts to help David, which lands her in all sorts of trouble. Can she save him and make him hers? Will David ever be able to stop hiding and live a happy life?

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